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Established in 2017, Onset Engineering Inc. specializes in Contract Manufacturing Services.


We bring over 24 years of manufacturing expertise, supported by a dedicated team skilled in Assembly and Inspection. Our quality standards are certified under ISO 9001, IPC 610 IPC, WHMA 620, J-STD-001, NASA STD 8739.4, and we adhere to ITAR compliance. 

Company Snapshot

Established: 2017

EIN: 84-5057091


DUNS: 117469491



334419 | 326199 | 334417 | 334510 | 335999 | 541330 | 541380 | 541420

1680 Miscellaneous Aircraft Accessories and Components

2920 Engine Electrical System Components, Nonaircraft

2925 Engine Electrical System Components, Aircraft Prime Moving

5995 Cable, Cord, And Wire Assemblies: Communication Equipment

6020 Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies and Harnesses

AJ11 General Science and Technology R&D Services; General Science and Technology; Basic Research


Certified Small Business ID: 2024131 Office of Small Business & DVBE 

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Over the last 20 years, our capability to manufacture in the US has declined significantly, as companies have begun outsourcing and reducing costs. The needs for Medical and Aerospace companies haven't changed though, as they have been experiencing more difficulty keeping and finding qualified suppliers. We know how their needs are not being met, and that there is a growing demand for them to manufacture locally.

Customers come to us to have the opportunity to interact with manufacturing engineers during the design process. Our design engineers are experts in design for manufacturability, including design for 3D printing, injection molding, design for assembly, automation.  Therefore, customers who come to us can be guaranteed that our prototypes are ready for production when the product is successful, which can reduce a significant time and cost for a product enter the market.

We also prototype, manufacture, and test products in-house, under a strict quality management system. We offer services that are important to larger companies, by ensuring things are done correctly, with trained personnel, and properly certified equipment.

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