We are the leader in Manufacturing World

Our technology leadership begins with our foundation in in-house automation manufacturing systems, modeling and computation, design with production economics. Our purpose is to increase innovation in general  by reducing the time and cost of prototypes, which could be a very complex engineering process requires hundreds of tests. We aim to have many ideas could be introduced to the market with acceleration. Especially, our customers from medical device industry can be benefited from our intensive knowledge and experiences with FDA regulation, manufacturing networks.

To our employees, as Physics, Science, technical knowledge and Curiosity drive our innovations and business; We drive our people through Love, Compassion and Dignity. We are building an ecosystem in which we can do the best for our customers, have fun, improve knowledge, challenges well and get the fair share for our contribution. 

As our company grows, we intend to keep being independent so we can ensure our profit will allocate to R&D, improve our community, explore different ideas, and make decisions in our customers' best interests without external constraints.

We are proud to be the partner of  Biosense Webster  Inc., a Johnson and Johnson Company ; Xtream Trucking; 3D Hubs | On-demand Manufacturing, and many other individuals with ideas that make the world a better place.

OUR CORE VALUE shape our culture