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From Lab to Market: onset engineering, Your Bridge to Building World-Changing AI

As the contract cable assembly manufacturing service, we understand the critical role of data integrity in AI-powered healthcare. Our low-noise, biocompatible connectors can minimize signal interference and ensure accurate data transmission, leading to more effective treatments and improved patient outcomes.

We specialize in customized cable assemblies specifically designed for the demanding requirements of today medical equipment. Our expertise in minimizing electromagnetic interference and maximizing signal quality can ensure the accuracy and reliability of your AI diagnostics devices, even in sensitive clinical environments. 

We've also successfully collaborated with other companies developing AI-powered diagnostics, where our custom cable solutions optimized device portability and user comfort

Overview of Onset Engineering Box Build Assembly Services 

The explosive growth of the areas like Internet of Things (IoT), medical devices, mechatronics, robotics are changing our lives. All of those devices are in need of electromechanical setups. At Onset Engineering, we play our role as manufacturing engineers to create custom manufacturing processes and build smart devices, connectors. 

How do we benefit you?  

Our expertise lay in manufacturing, our design engineers are experts in design for manufacturability, including design for 3D printing, injection molding, design for assembly, automation. Our manufacturing engineers are experts in developing manufacturing process per client requirement. We can handle any devices from simple PCBA fabrication to complex cables, screens, connectors, sensors, etc. 

At Onset Engineering Inc. we take great pride in offering comprehensive engineering solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs.  We can provide, including providing engineering solutions and engineering drawings for cables.